Saturday, April 19, 2014

I thought

It would be a good idea to visit the Vaute Couture (mentioned in one of my earlier posts here) store in Brooklyn yesterday and Kelsey, the lovely girl working behind the desk, convinced me to try something on. So, of course, I tried on my favorite dress possibly ever, at this point. 

It was a perfect fit, and the best part: it has pockets! The pockets are so convenient yet subtle that I accidentally left my phone in one of them, because I couldn't even tell it was in there. 

I was so glad I decided to visit the store. They made NYFW last season and I couldn't be happier that a company like this one was the first vegan clothing brand at fashion week, ever. I went in there and the energy was awesome. Everyone was extremely friendly, even the little doggy, Pepper! I would love, love to work for a company like this. 

Last two photos from bkmag and enforcedarch
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