Saturday, September 6, 2014

Grandt Mason

I think I found my shoe soul mate. Sustainable? Check. Vegan? Check. Carefully made? Check. Beautiful? Check!

Grandt Mason is a former product development student who couldn't find a brand of shoes that were made with careful craft and love, so he created one- in South Africa! These babies are made with no animals, are made locally (employing the community), entirely environmentally friendly.

"Mason envisions his vegan footwear as a solution to mass-produced products and a way to reinvigorate artisan skills as well as ethical, consumer choices. “I hope that our product conveys the love and energy that has been poured into it. Every pair is entirely unique and with age develops its individual character. This is the opposite of the mass-produced footwear available on the market. Sustainability and fair trade are very important to us and are at the heart of every decision made on all levels of our operation. These decisions coupled with a unique approach to design, dictate the look and feel of our footwear.” - Ecouterre

Also, how cool are the interiors of this store?

Happy New York Fashion Week, everyone!
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