Wednesday, April 1, 2015



(3/30) --

I woke up this morning to iced coffee in bed that B made. We are staying with amazing friends that we got the chance to meet for the first time when we were in Italy, months ago. Its crazy to think almost four months have gone by since I left home. I looked out of the window and thought about how these are the moments Ill tell my grandkids about: how the apartment buildings touched the clouds, and the gardens seemed to be flourishing right before my eyes. A beautiful black-haired girl walked out in her pajamas to throw out the garbage, and I thought about how much I miss the comfort of having a pair of my own pajamas. I eventually left b’s old hockey shirt I wore to sleep in a hotel room because it was too heavy to carry around after a while, and it got too hot too sleep in anyway. I almost laughed when the staff thanked me for the shirt. You left your clothing in the room! They came to tell us as we were leaving, and I said it was OK, that I didn't want it anymore. I remembered when I was young, getting into my comfy, clean, and warm PJs at night gave me the safest feeling. I held so much comfort in knowing those PJs were only mine, that they never left my home. They were always there when I retrieved back into my room after a long day. They were only worn by me, in the comfort of my room. They didn't care if I climbed into them after a shower, or immediately after a sweaty, action-packed day. They existed only for my personal comfort, and that made me feel special. I wanted to scream down to tell her that'd she be in my memory forever.
We landed in Singapore yesterday. We went out to a couple of bars, one of which overlooked the entire gorgeous city. I like it here much more than I thought I would. Something about man-made cities makes me feel hopeful. Like we're capable of so much beauty. The boys got to talking about their families, and it really made me appreciative my own. Being able to call my family yesterday was the highlight of my day. My brother is turning five soon, and he grabbed the phone from my mom so he could tell me about his car ride with my step-father, and his new construction gloves that he got from home depot. My heart always skips when I talk to him. He is my first real sibling. The connection is still so new and exciting to me. The love is so pure, it makes me feel so alive. I learn so much from him, even millions of miles away.
Our little sunshine photographed recently by my aunt, (also) Dagmara.
We are so lucky we have my talented aunt to document our lives through beautiful photographs.
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