Sunday, May 18, 2014


They're like an afterthought. For me, anyway. After I get dressed and pack my things, I'm like "oh yeah! my face." But whether they're an afterthought or a priority to you, you should be aware of what you're using. When my friend, Cassidy, asked me to do a post on cruelty-free cosmetics, I knew it would've been a big mistake to turn down the opportunity to know a little more about this stuff that I'm practically unconsciously smearing all over my face.

So, why should you care? 
Well, this is a live performance that LUSH did some time ago to visually display what happens to animals that are tested for only cosmetic purposes, resulting in millions of deaths every year.
And if you'd like to see what actually happens to them, check this out: (Warning, it's a little brutal!)
You get the point. It's just not worth it. Here are some cosmetic companies that are completely cruelty-free that you can buy from so you don't have to support this, and still look fabulous: 

LUSH (as stated above)
Urban Decay
The Body Shop
3P Organics
Amal Oils
Better Botanicals

And so many more- check out this list for tons and tons of cruelty-free companies, and while you're at it, check out my friend Cassidy's awesome makeup and fashion youtube channel!

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