Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vaute Couture

To say I'm extremely excited about this new clothing company I just discovered is an understatement. This independent fashion house, Vaute Couture (V in Vaute for Vegan), not only doesn't make their clothing out of dead animals, but is actually really seriously  beautiful.

Here are some of my favorites found on their website: 
I've always had a fascination with clothing that is cut in an interesting way, so this little organic velvet dress caught my eye immediately. I can't even describe how much I love the star-cut out back. 
Can we talk about this jacket for a minute? Or five? Or fifteen? The effortless crimp on the neck of this piece is genius. 
The clothing is a little pricy, but I think it's worth it. People spend tons of money on products all the time. Isn't it better to spend on something thats made with the same delicate craftsmanship, but also doesn't harm animals or the environment in the process? We are a nation of consumers, after all, right? Soon enough there won't be a nation to consume from, if we don't start caring about where our products come from and how they're made. Eh, enough preaching for now.

Also, the moment I clicked on this company's website What a Wonderful World started playing on my pandora, and that, my friends, was not a coincidence. 

Leanne Mai-ly Higart, you are an angel. 
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